Our main features

No Player Slot Limits Here at GameServerSupply we believe you should be able to play with as many friends as you'd like, for this reason we do not limit player slots. You are only limited by your resources.
24 Hour Refund Policy We are so confident in our servers that we will supply a refund to any server purchased in a 24 hour period with no questions asked.
Modern Hardware All of our nodes are equipped with modern hardware to make sure your servers run as fast as possible. Lightning fast NVMe Storages and DDR4 RAM are used to load times down and fun time up.
DDos Protection With our enterprise-grade DDos Protection you will feel little to no impact on your servers from DDos Attacks. Mitigation servers are used in each datacenter to ensure network traffic is clean.
Backup System Just incase you need your old files GameServerSupply servers all come with a backup system and are allowed 3 backups of your entire server.
Direct Fiber Lines Each of our datacenters are equipped with direct fiber lines to make sure there is almost no latency to Internet Exchanges. This will lead to lesser ping lag for your users as well as faster download speeds.
99.99% Uptime We know that your servers need to be running all the time so all of GSS datacenters are equipped with diesel generators to make sure no power outages will shutdown our servers.
No Fees & Instant Setup We know some people may be in a rush so we will have your gameservers ready instantly and for no fees. Our dedicated machines also have no setup fees to make sure you know what you are paying when purchasing the machine.